We need 4,000 Aboriginal people in South Australia WITH and WITHOUT diabetes to help us  better understand diabetes in Aboriginal communities and beat it together.

Study Introduction Video


In Australia, approximately 30% of the adult Indigenous population has diabetes, and the numbers continue to rise. Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is increasingly being diagnosed in Aboriginal children, adolescents and young adults, with rising rates of diabetes in pregnancy. The reason for this is not fully understood. Whilst diet, activity levels and weight gain are known to support the rise in T2DM, they do not fully explain the high rate of T2DM in young people.

The Aboriginal Diabetes Study is being run by the Wardliparingga Aboriginal Research Unit at SAHMRI (South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute). The Study team is working with communities to help explain the diabetes problem in the Aboriginal population. The Study aims to

  1. Understand the problem of T2DM and its complications in Aboriginal people.
  2. Better predict the development of complications of diabetes in this population.
  3. Improve the delivery of diabetes care to Aboriginal people and find solutions to better treat T2DM and prevent complications.


We invite participation of up to 4,000 Aboriginal people aged 15 years and older comprising 2,000 people with T2DM and 2,000 people without T2DM recruited from across South Australia. All participants will receive a full health assessment performed by the Aboriginal clinical research team.  The assessment includes heart, eye and foot check, blood pressure and blood test. Participants are also asked questions about their medical history and lifestyle. Information is treated confidentially, and any immediate health issues are managed by the clinical team.

We work with local Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services, SA Health Community Clinics, Hospitals and other health professionals involved in diabetes care.

People are not paid to be involved. Participants receive a free health check, health information, free sunglasses and free prescription glasses if needed. The information people provide will help us understand diabetes for the next generation.


  1. Phone: Country SA 0422 231 929   Adelaide :0412 093 442
  2. Facebook:
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